Pirate Camp

Practical, Pirate-To-Pirate Lessons Learned

Feel the vibe of European tech entrepreneurship, enjoy one of the craziest locations in Europe and network with like-minded people. At the Pirate Camp we celebrate entrepreneurship like true pirates.

And the best thing is: The tickets for the whole day including access to the first evening of the Pirate Summit will cost you exactly ZERO Euros. Yes, you read that right. Tickets are FREE. But they will be hard to get. For updates on how to get tickets follow us on Facebook, Twitter and sign-up for our newsletter.


Pirate Camp will run 4+ parallel tracks, involving live Clinics, Show & Tells, Open Interviews (where the audience gets to join on stage) and Tag Teams (where experts team up and compete to give startups advice.)  It'll be the biggest Pirate event yet - we're expecting 700 Pirates! Check out this illustrated description of the session formats and facilitation.
Pirate Camp is already filling up with  so much ARRRSOME- a heavy load!  We have loads of great speakers lined up, but limited space, so we need your input this week to decide what to schedule.   How can we make best use of all the speakers for you?

If you have questions, please email Sal.

The following schedule's a work in progress, we're still fine-tuning the agenda this week.


Captain's Deck

Engine Room

Crow's Nest

Walk The Plank - Startup Pitches // Semi-Finals - Jury: Garan Goodman, Ralph Riecke
Walk The Plank; Jury: Garan Goodman, Ralph Riecke
Walk The Plank - Startup Pitches // Semi-Finals - Jury: Garan Goodman, Christian Renner
Walk The Plank - Startup Pitches // Semi-Finals - Jury: Garan Goodman, Ralph Riecke, Stephan von Perger
Walk The Plank - Startup Pitches // Semi-Finals - Jury: Garan Goodman, Christian Renner, Stephan von Perger
Chemical break
How to sell your company (Tag Team)
All about Bitcoin (Show & Tell)
Show & Tell: All about Bitcoin - Stanislav Wolf, Adrian Hotz, Achim Himmelreich, Daniel Neis
Clinic: Conversion - Talia Wolf
Clinic: Conversion - Talia Wolf
Clinic: Founding communities and sub-cultures - Alejandro Saucedo, Salim Virani, Sarah Rink
Clinic: Public Relations - Robin Wauters
Workshop: How to speak customer development - Salim Virani
Tag Team: Branding & Communication - Dvir Reznik, Orsi Tóth, Robin Wauters
Clinic: Hacking emergent behaviour - Sarah Rink
Lessons learned: We share top lessons learned from all the sessions you missed
Offical Opening of The European Pirate Summit
Opening Keynote: Scaling from Europe - Mike Butcher
Keynote: Company culture and asshole-free work environments - Klaas Kersting
Big Guys/Campfire Panel - Klaas Kersting, Yoav Ben Ari, tba // Moderator: Mike Butcher
Tag Team: How Do I Work My Work? Figuring out productivity and teamwork in 2014 - Daniel Tenner, Nicolas Dittberner, Stef Lewandowski
To be announced
S&T: Culture - Daniel Tenner
Clinic + Show & Tell: How to not name your start up "asshole"... and other naming mistakes - Tim Schumacher, Dr. Bernd Samland
Workshop & Clinic: Legal - Nicolas Gabrysch & Konstantin Ewald
Legal Workshop & Clinic - Nicolas Gabrysch / Konstantin Ewald
Tag Team: How to sell your company - Tim Schumacher, Oliver Thylmann, Stephen Rapoport
Show & Tell: Company culture - Daniel Tenner
Sales Clinic: Using your Agile Dev know-how to grow sales - Dimitar Stanimiroff & Olga Steidl
Using your Agile Dev know-how to grow sales (Sales Clinic)
Interview with Stephen Rapoport - exited Crashpadder to AirBnB and fresh of his £2M round for Pact Coffee (coffee on subscription)
Tag Team: Product - Devin Hunt, Tony To, Stephen Rapoport
Clinic: Metrics, the non-consultant version - Andy Young, Stephen Rapoport, Stef Lewandowski
Show & Tell: Watch How I Get Things Done - Timo Derstappen, Andy Young, Devin Hunt, Dimitar Stanimiroff
S&T & Open Interview
Tag Team: How to seriously command a fleet of IoT devices - Shaun Mulligan & Alice Taylor


Welcome to Odonien, the wicked and legendary republic of pirates, dinosaurs and other creatures that you couldn`t even imagine. We will invite you to this place, which is at the same time in the middle of Cologne and in the middle of nowhere.

Via train from Cologne Central Station

  1. Take the Tram S6 or S11 until Cologne-Nippes Station.
  2. From Cologne-Nippes station turn right into Liebigstraße for 50 meters.
  3. Turn left into Laemmerstraße until you get to the crossroads.
  4. Turn left into Hornstraße for 200 meters until you get to Odonien on the right side of the street, it's after the brothels.

Our speakers

Garan Goodman Academy Director at Wayra
Salim Virani Founder at Founder-Centric
Shaun Mulligan Developer Evangelist at Resin.io
Stephen Rapoport Founder of Pactcoffee.com
Stephan von Perger VC at Wellington Partners
Nicolas Dittberner Country Manager at Elance-oDesk
Tim Schumacher Serial Entrepreneur & Business Angel
Devin Hunt Partner at Founder Centric
Nicolas Gabrysch Partner at Osborne Clarke
Oliver Thylmann Co-Founder at Giant Swarm
Dimitar Stanimiroff Managing Director - EMEA at Stack Overflow Careers
Olga Steidl Growth Link at Linko, Inc.
Peter van Sabben Head of Marketing at Startupbootcamp
Thomas Bachem Founder/CEO at lebenslauf.com
Talia Wolf Conversioner | CEO
Alejandro Saucedo Founder at HackaGlobal
Ralph Riecke Senior Investment Manager at hub:raum
Konstantin Ewald Partner at Osborne Clarke
Christian Renner Investment Manager at hub:raum
Stanislav Wolf VP Product Development at Yacuna AG
Dr. Bernd Samland Founder/CEO of Endmark
Sarah Rink Co-Founder of Tinktank & Social Toy
Jamie Woodruff Certified Security Exploits Hacker
Stavros Messinis Co-Founder at TheCube Athens
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